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Johannesburg International Airport

Johannesburg International (JHB)
OR (Oliver Reginald) Tambo International,
OR (Jan Smuts International)

JHB International is Africa's busiest airport serving over 11 million travellers annually, and lies roughly 14 miles (22 km) east of central Johannesburg.
The airport is almost 1700 metres (5,500 feet) above sea level. Because of the altitude, the 6 runways are longer than average as are needed for take off in the lower air pressure.

Heading for Sandton in your hired car, take the R24, onto the M3 and you will arrive in about 30 minutes.
If you car hire is heading towards the Capital Pretoria, then aim for the R21, and you should arrive in about 45 minutes.
Or, heading for Johannesburg Central, then drive along the R24 which will take about 25 minutes.
The highways are all signed very clearly.

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