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Dunedin Airport

Dunedin Airport is just 30 minutes drive south of Dunedin City, welcoming nearly ¾ million passengers a year. The Airport has all the services needed as an International Airport with friendly, helpful staff.

To get to Dunedin City in your car hire, follow the signs for the Dunedin Southern Motorway, continue on to the Caversham Bypass Motorway/State Highway 1, take the exist for the Dunedin Northern Motorway/State Highway 1 towards Timaru.

Dunedin is the architectural heritage capital of New Zealand. Named by Scottish settlers, its name was their Gaelic word for Edinburgh. Its Scottish heritage combined with an elegant grandeur remnant from the Gold Rush days of the area, Dunedin has a unique European feel. Dunedin is home to the first university in New Zealand. The University of Otago students help give Dunedin its young vibrant atmosphere.

Dunedin sits on the Otago Peninsular, which has such an incredible natural beauty that CNN International named this area as one of the 10 most romantic places in the world for marriage proposals.

For Rugby World Cup 2011 fans going to the England Verses Romania match on the 24th September 2011, collect your car hire and head straight for Dunedin. Carisbrook Stadium is just under 35 minutes from Dunedin Airport, in South Dunedin.

After the Rugby, explore the natural wonders and beaches of Dunedin, then make the most of your car hire and drive down to Invercargill, to the port town of Bluff. There you can taste the fresh delectable Bluff Oyster and other seafood delicacies.

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