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Christchurch Airport

Christchurch Airport New Zealand - A wonderful sensory experience !

From floor to ceiling, enormous photographs of the South Island’s most beautiful landscapes with an audio track of sound and smells of the environment to accompany you to the luggage collection area.
In the immigration queuing area a large video wall of incredible footage of the South Island’s natural environment will make any waiting time seem so much shorter. There is more, you can get a taste of the arrival experience on YouTube.

Remember to check Christchurch Airport BioSecurity if you intend taking any food, animal or plant products, any equipment used with animals, plants or water, fishing, or water sport activities, or outdoor equipment which may have soil attached (e.g. camping equipment).

If you are travelling to Christchurch for the World Rugby Cup 2011, then Christchurch Airport is the ideal location for your car hire collection. Christchurch Central is just 20 minutes from the Airport along Memorial Avenue, and a further 4 minutes driving to reach the AMI Stadium Christchurch where the England verses Georgia match will be held on the 18th September 2011.

In your car hire you are then set to drive to Dunedin for the next the World Rugby Cup 2011 match with England verses Romania at Carisbrook Stadium on 24th September 2011. This will be a 5-hour drive on The Waimate/Dunedin State Highway, passing through Rolleston (just outside Christchurch), Ashburton, Temuka, Timaru (on the coast), Oamaru (on the coast), and Waikouaiti.
These are lovely towns for a break, shopping, and even a refreshing splash in the sea.

Car hire at Auckland Airport
Car hire at Dunedin Airport

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