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Auckland Airport

Auckland Airport has a separate terminal for International and Domestic flights with a 10 minute walk between them. There is also a free shuttle bus service between the terminals at frequent regular intervals. The airport is located about 30 minutes from Auckland City in the suburb of Mangere.

After collecting your car hire, drive to Auckland City using the South-Western Motorway (passing through Mount Roskill), the George Bolt Memorial Drive (passing through Remuera), or the Southern Motorway (passing through Ellerslie and Remuera). All three routes take about 30 minutes.

Auckland is the biggest city in New Zealand with over 1.4 million people, the centre for commerce and a marine playground for boat and beach enthusiasts alike. Having the Tasman Sea on the wild West Coast, and the Pacific Ocean with white sand beaches on the East Coast there is plenty to explore in the warm summers that average over 24 degrees Celsius, and winters averaging 16 degrees Celsius.

For Rugby Fans travelling to Auckland Eden Park for the England Verses Scotland Rugby World Cup 2011 match on the 1st October 2011, the Quarter Finals and Finals, then Auckland Airport is ideal for your car hire collection.
The quickest route to Eden Park Stadium in your car hire from the airport is the George Bolt Memorial Drive and South Western Motorway, which will take 23-25 minutes.

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Car hire at Christchurch Airport

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